Our Story

They say conversations can lead to ideas and a beginning of something that you may hold onto for the rest of your lives. One such conversation for Dann and I happened over a cup of tea in a cafe overlooking the Tower Bridge. It started with us counting the different ideals we held; how he appreciated a certain luxurious touch in everything while I prefered homely comfort along with some sense of familiarity. We pondered and thought out loud just when a single remark by Dann spinned around our perspective and made the entire conversation take a 360 degree turn

Hey John, maybe our ideals could coexist just as we do?’ The realisation sent us on one and only single path that had always been common throughout our respective journeys. Like understanding how important it is for everyone to create some space in the shape of a few moments which could carry us to a happy place. Like us wanting to serve that need in some way.

The rest is history except what we present to you now – John Dann; the brand that offers you brilliance wrapped in a design you can never get enough of. We picked colors that suit and sizes that fit you well. We chose the subtle aesthetic in order to truly define all that we have ever believed in.At John Dann, we strive to offer you a merged experience of comfort and luxury. The timeless collection that we have pieced together with our endless efforts will surely put you in a good mood. Designed in the UK, the brand stands for immaculate elegance,artistic craftsmanship along with a socially conscious approach to the world. In other words, our products boasts of quality, exclusivity without compromising with longevity and sustainability just so you could indulge and pamper yourself guiltlessly.

John Dann comes from the idea of creating comfortable spaces for you to breathe and be in the moment. Crafted from finest fabrics, we not only take care of how the fabric should feel against your skin but also add earthy tints and hues that would calm you down and purify your aura because life is for living and not merely surviving, isn’t it?