How John Dann’s 100% Combed Cotton Hooded Bath Wear is the next sustainable must-have in your closet.


If you think about bath wear, you probably don’t instantly envision luxury or style. Bath wear is a necessity and not a piece of fashionable clothing for most people in the west.

We bring sass, style, and subtlety to your doorstep with John Dann’s hooded bathrobes and ponchos.

It’s funny how some people appreciate a certain degree of luxury while others seek a more homely comfort along with some familiarity. John Dann was founded on these two ideals and is rooted in our founders’ childhood memories.

John Dann creates comfortable spaces for you to breathe and be in the moment. By using quality fabrics, we not only tailor the fabrics to feel good against your skin, but we also add earthy hues that will illuminate your aura and calm you down, because life is for living, not just surviving, isn’t it?

Launch of John Dann

We focused on the UK and Western Europe mainly for John Dann’s launch. The orders poured in, mostly through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our products are sold exclusively on Amazon, and we are expanding to other markets in the region.

What makes us different?

Bathrobes & Ponchos made of 100% Combed Cotton are highly durable, easy to wash, and super absorbent. With a variety of sizes available, these are gender neutral and can be worn by men and women alike.

Designed in the UK, these are functional for both indoor and outdoor use. These stylish and trendy ponchos and bathrobes are the perfect addition to a day by the pool or beach, or to a cosy day at home. The skin friendly fabric along with a FREE 100% Recyclable and reusable drawstring bag and super soft face towel makes it a sustainable choice for this season.

Order fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon was the best decision since it proved the added value of external fulfillment. We were able to save a lot of time and increase our sales by not having to process orders ourselves. Manually processing orders, confirming and double-confirming them has now been reduced to just 15 minutes per day.

Working with a global fulfillment partner offers the advantage of scalability. A decision to use Amazon as a fulfillment partner was based on volume, resulting in an increase in sales numbers and cost savings.  As a result of the positive response we received from our customers, we are now planning to expand to the USA and other parts of Europe. We want to make luxury bath wear accessible to everyone.


16 February 2022 • admin